Mary, a perfect paraplegic sighting

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It’s not often you get to sit in and watch a paraplegic in her home as she transfers and has to struggle to use a bathroom thats not wheelchair accessible. Can you imagine always being stopped by a doorway to narrow to let you pass so you have to tranfer to the cround and drag yourself into the bathroom to shower or use the toilet? that is Mary’s reality. She tranfers from ehr bed to to wheelchair, then to the bathroom where she must crawl out of her wheelchair, useless legs an obstruction and into the shower, lifting each limb by hand, slowly until she is in and able to shave her legs. She does this just for you so you can understand her world a little better. Then its back into her chair, to the bedroom and more leg manipulation. It would be so much easier if her legs worked independently but that will never be. They will forever be paralyzed, motionless and dependent on her strong arms to be moved. Mary is, a perfect paraplegic sighting.

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