Primavara Makes my heart beat faster

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Primavara arrives by taxi knowing full well we want to watch her long paralyzed legs and those beautiful flaccid feet. We want to watch her move her legs by hand and make her feet flop around and she doesnt disappoint. From the moment she arrives in the taxi she begins the art of playing with those legs in a way meant to turn you on. First her shoes are put on those useless feet before she transfers into her wheelchair. then its a wheel down the path before she crosses her leg and takes off a shoe so we can watch her foot bounce and wiggle as she wheels. She finds some grass to cool her tender toes in from her wheelchair. Then its off to the apartment. I cant help but get hart watching as she plays with her legs in the livingroom and lifts each leg so her foot is high in the air to put on shoes. I promise, you want this one in your collection.

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