Welcome our Gumroad Manager and Jr. Partner


I’m honored to introduce to you Becca Violet who has been a member of Chairem in the background for nearly 2 years. Becca’s latest project is to make all our 700 movies
avbeccaavailable on Gumroad for rent or purchase. That’s no small task by any means.

Becca is known in the devotee community and well respected for being accepting and respectful and compassionate.  Her kindness is well known. There is little room for negativity in her life or for those who haven’t the ability to control their devotee urges. Becca is a strong woman and the ideal person to join our Team.

Delicia and I are pleased that we have Becca’s focus for details and commitment to the huge task ahead. It’s hard to believe but the task of uploading 700 movies  is a project estimated at 1 to 2 years to complete . Balancing Chairem’s Gumroad requirements along with her own personal life will make for late nights and too much caffeine, but she’s already rocking it out for you to enjoy.

People have asked to have rentals for so long and with the loss of Youtube sales platform, its time for Chairem to be able to give you the opportunity to rent or buy and Gumroad is a great stable platform for us to bring you that option. Paypal secure as always.

So Becca, thank you for becoming our jr. partner and for bringing your excitement and fresh ideas to the company now heading into its 20th year!

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