A crazy summer but great fall ahead

I’ll tell you, its been a crazy summer and the first time in our 18 year history we’ve gone this long without updating you with new movies. Where Chairem International President, Fred Nelson is located has been ravaged by spring flooding and the worst forest fire season ever ( thats in British Columbia, Canada by the way).

I do have good news to report. We have updated our youtube channel with 30 of our movies last month and again this month with an additional 30 movies. We’ve also priced most of our movies on Youtube at $30.99 ~ thats a $38.00 savings! Drop in and subscribe to keep up to the latest movie releases and all our new movies coming this fall. https://www.youtube.com/chaireminternational

Coming this fall are movies by, Brenda, Donna, Primavara, Luna, Catalina, Rayanne, Exotica, Rechelle and others including new models.
We promise an exciting fall line up of the worlds most incredible women with disabilities.

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