ALERT! Meet Shieva – a fully paralyzed Quadriplegic woman

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Born infected by polio, Sheiva never stood a chance of learning to walk. Then at a young age experienced a high level injury leaving her a quadriplegic with NO MOVEMENT below her shoulders. Fully dependent on her care giver to dress her, move her limbs, trim and paint her nails, everything must be done by another for her. Shieva shows us how she moves her wheelchair, how her attendant moves her arms for her and then in her interview we explore the qualities of a totally paralyzed body. We see her hands, feet and atrophied legs as her attendant shares Shieva’s qualities with us. In this 30 minute movie we get to know Shieva very well and explore the potential of the first fully paralyzed woman to become a Chairem Woman.
*We have specially priced this introduction to allow you the opportunity to explore for yourself the wonders of Shieva’s total paralysis and how we give her challenges to struggle.

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