Community unite; Help stop a troll!

Devotee Troll, Stalker, manipulator and liar.
I’d like to introduce you to Tomas Ben, a self reported engineer and professional manipulator of women with disabilities.
Tomas Ben has amassed over 300 ladies from around the world on his Facebook page, each and everyone of them disabled.

Tomas Ben presents himself as an agent for Chairem International and lures women with disabilities to send him pictures of their feet and legs with the promise of employment. Should he find them extremely attractive, he asks for video again assuring them of income. If he’s feeling exceptionally excited, he will offer to show his genitals to the recipient.

Tomas Ben does not represent Chairem International in any way nor do the proprietors of Chairem International troll for potential models or contact individuals who are ” suggested” by devotees. All individuals who appear on Chairem International sites contacted Chairem International directly and are fully paid for their services.

Tomas Ben is a liar, a sexual deviant and manipulator. His actions negate any positive actions of those who have an honest caring attraction for individuals with disabilities. He is but one and his ways need to be exposed.

The following pictures depict one known instance of Tomas Ben trolling a woman in a wheelchair on Facebook. The second image is the messenger response when he was confronted by me, Fredrick Nelson, President of Chairem International.

Never once in 17 years of operation have we encountered the deviate behavior, the manipulation and disgusting actions of a devotee acting in such a way as to impact all people who have an attraction to people with disabilities.  tomas ben text exposed

Tomas Bed admitted to his actions and are visible in the second image shown below.

Chairem International stand as a family in disgust at Tomas Bens actions. No woman need to fear or tolerate deviant behavior as that presented by Tomas Ben. If you agree, watch for his Facebook page, or email him directly at . Please share if you believe cyber trolling needs to stop.

I believe that the devotee/ admirer community as a whole are respectful, compassionate and loving individuals and individuals like Tomas Ben distract from the positive that our community shares with people with disabilities. Fredrick Nelson, President

Tomas Ben exposed

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