Taking a little break for 2 weeks

Hey folks, its time for us here at Chairem International to talk a little 2 week break.
We’ve been busy over winter bringing you the finest in Admirer media like we have been since 1999 but a quick break is always refreshing.

I hope everyone is enjoying http://www.DisabledNightLife.com – Chairem Internationals official date site. There’s new people with disabilities joining everyday so, take a moment and check it out.

Oh and one more thing… Tomorrow I’ll be leaving you with a 2 part Iris movie that cranks up the heat like no other we’ve produced yet. Iris loves to play little crippled girl for her devotee lover and in this, her fantasy, you’ll get a glimpse into real fantasies of a paraplegic who wishes she could find the ideal man to love her in spite of her paralysis.

Watch for this 2 part video coming tomorrow!

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