deformed foot orthotic

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First off, Luna is an incomplete paraplegic. It means she has limited movement in her legs, just enough to be interesting but not enough to be of any value. the feeling in her legs is spotty, here an there in her thighs but nothing below her knees.
Luna is experiencing the tightening of her heel cords. This causes her feet to pull down like a ballerina on point and her toes are curling under her feet.
In this video you can see the results of the latest surgery she has had to correct the deformity in her right foot and also you can investigate the deformity that remains in her left foot.
While she recovers from the latest operation, Luna must wear a custom made orthotic to keep her foot bent to assure the foot wont once a gain start to curl down and her toes curl under her useless foot.
Either foot is unique, paralyzed and beautiful.
Have a close look and admit that you would love to kiss and lick those incredible crippled feet.


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