unchained polio cripple

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Sit and want me closely. You have taken my braces and crutches and leave me with no choice but to pull myself helplessly on the floor. I understand you’re enjoyment in seeing me like this and I embrace it because it is who I am without the chains that are my steel braces and cold crutches.

Watch as i leave the bathroom and pull myself all the way to the bedroom. Watch as I struggle to lift myself onto the bed, pulling my legs behind me. Watch as I lift each one, as it lays limp onto the bed.

I need something from far away but you will not reach it for me? You say you would rather watch how I get if for myself? I have to smile at you, its okay, watch me lower myself to the floor and pull across the distance to retrieve what I want.

It’s nice for me to be unchained from my braces and I hope you do enjoy.

approx 17 minutes

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