hot steamy shower

buy-now-goldCome sit my friends in my bedroom, wait for me there. Watch me enter the room, watch my feet and hear how they drag on the floor with each step I make. Watch close as I walk to the bed and sit down.

Let me remove each brace for you, undoing straps, undoing my shoes and lifting my legs out of the cold steel that allows me to walk.

Let me lift each leg and unroll my white stockings that keep my legs hidden, down my legs, over my feet and off my toes, my legs are bare for you to love.

Now, stand and watch as I lower my crippled body to the floor. Watch as I pull myself across the floor, out of the room, pulling myself, inching along into the bathroom.

The bathroom is so small and only a shower. Not watch close as i lift my legs, one at a time over the toilet and drag myself closer to the shower. I’ll lift myself over the edge and into the shower. I love the warm water beating against my breast hidden by the white top.

Come sit close and watch as I pick up my legs and hold them against me. Let me surprise you and pick up both and cradle them in my arms like a child holds a baby doll.

Are you fascinated, are you excited and enjoying my gift to you. i am enjoying, knowing you are watching me and feeling this way. approx 22 minutes

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