exotic pool party pt 2 with Provocative Audio

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When you think of Yulisa, you know its going to be incredible. How she moves in her braces, how she slithers on the floor when she’s out of them and her provocative glances that tell you, she knows exactly how to use those incredible crippled legs.

Spend over 30 minutes enjoying Yulisa as she spends time poolside. Not only is she there to please you, she’s also got an audience of workmen, one of whom she believes has a strong and primal attraction to polio women like her.

The video is incredible, the audio narration is guaranteed to haunt you in your sleep. If you’ve been a fan of Yulisa or have never owned a Yulisa movie before, this is Yulisa at her best and the loving warm voice or our quadriplegic narrator will leave you breathless.

This is a remastered version of Exotic Pool Party 2 with an additional 10 minutes of incredible polio perfection. This is the real thing… The real paralyzed Yulisa at her finest.

Approx 32 minutes
over 1.2 Gb.

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