wonderful floppy legs

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Are you shy when I call my legs floppy? I don’t mind saying that because I see how they move. They do not walk like other women’s legs. I swing them with each step as I lift myself on my crutches and throw my legs ahead of me to hold my weight before I move my crutches again.

I know they flop and are uncontrolled, that is the results of polio and no braces. But I also know how you love to see them move like this. It brings me pleasure to know it is a thrill for you to see. My floppy polio legs allow me to feel beautiful now that I have found wonderful people who love my unique qualities.

Sometimes my legs do not cooperate with me and you will see this in my movie, how they fail me when I try to stand and my legs buckle and I nearly fall. I am glad you are here to catch me.

approx 20 minutes

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