steel wheels, braces of stainless

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Donna takes to her wheelchair in a long dress wheeling around and hinting at the beautiful stainless and leather braces hiding under it.

Once inside the apartment she’ll have your attention and you’ll know this little polio cripple is really a hot and steaming lady of devotee love.

Donna lifts herself to a standing position and maneuvers onto the sofa where she lifts her legs by the cold stainless of her braces onto the sofa to display them for you. Her smile and the twinkle in her eye reveals that she knows that your watching, that you’re enjoying what you see and that you find her exciting with her legs bound tightly.

Soon she fondles her legs out of the braces and she slithers onto the floor. Donna pulls herself to the bedroom to retrieve her stockings. Then its onto her stomach and she pulls herself with her mighty arms across the floor and into the living room. You’re eyes will be fixed on your screen as you watch her feet drag across the floor and your ears with hear every sound of their skin dragging across the floor. Truly spectacular.

Finally its time to wrap her legs tightly in the steel and soft leather binding that warm your heart and give her her only opportunity in life to walk.

approx. 23 min


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