weak day

buy-now-goldDelicia scheduled a day to film. Then as her health would have it,
she encountered a day where her PPS took over and left her in
extreme pain and with substantial weakness. She emailed us early
that morning and asked what to do. We asked her to just show us how
she deals with such a day.

The resulting video is 40 minutes of Delicia finding her way through
the apartment with and without the aid of crutches or her
wheelchair. She often finds that crutching is nearly impossible and
wheeling on such a day takes more energy than she has to give, thus
she takes to the floor with pillows under her bottom and under her
feet to make her way through the apartment.
This is one of the final videos where you’ll see Delicia without
both leg braces except when requested in custom videos. This tender
video is more retrospective and is filmed letterbox style.

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