understanding rayanne’s polio legs

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Rayanne knows that her heavy swing gate that helps through her weak polio leg forward catches peoples attention. She’s seen people stare at her in public. That often made her feel awkward and ashamed but in her years as a Chairem Woman, she’s learned it also attracts men who love the sight of a polio woman. They love how her leg swings and her paralyzed foot flops into place.
Rayanne takes you for a walk, throwing her weak leg forward and swinging side to side for your pleasure before going to the kitchen table. Once there, she lifts the polio leg to her breast, holds it by the knee and tries to hold the lower leg and foot in the air, but it drops like dead weight. But have a close and long look at that incredible, slightly deformed crippled foot. Wouldnt you love to hold it and maybe slip those pretty toes to your lips?
With nylons on, Rayanne takes a pair of flip flop shoes to the staircase but there’s no way that shoe will stay on that useless cripple foot.
A trip up and down the staircase limping and flopping her legs, Rayanne returns to the apartment where a pair of crutches await her. It’s been hard on that poor polio leg and a little support is needed to allow her to walk any further.
approx 22 minutes of beautiful polio legs and feet.

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