the seduction of steel

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The feel of warm, used leather, soft to the touch. Bright steel, cold and brilliant in the light and shaped to follow the contours of my legs.

I slowly finger my feet and legs before I hide them in long pretty white stockings that protect my lower body.

I lower my braces to the floor, then carefully and slowly lift my delicate legs to the floor and lower my body to the warm tile.

I lift myself up and direct my body and limbs into the steel braces waiting for me.

The leather is bound and wrapped around my legs, to give them the control I do not have. The belts are synched tight so that I can stand up for you. I work my way to my crutches, take them and walk for you.

I show you the passion that is me and how I can create the seduction of steel.

approx 18 minutes

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