Karen Effects of Polio

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Show me how difficult it is for you to walk. How even small changes in a pathway can become obstacles for you to pull your feet across. Show me how difficult it is to swing your legs and hoist your feet up stairs as you lift your body on your crutches.

Now show me please how Polio has effected your legs. Unstrap your body from your braces, open your shoes and lift your legs from the steel and leather. Let me look at your knees, ankles, thighs and calves so that I can see how Polio has withered the muscles leaving your legs motionless yet so attractive.

If you can not walk without your braces, then show me how you move from room to room. Show me how you pull yourself upon the floor, and pick up and drag your legs in your hands. Pull yourself to the bedroom so that you can display how you dress, how you strap your legs and feet into the bondage that allows you to walk.

Once you are securely strapped in to the cold steel, lift yourself off the floor and walk for me.

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