Sunshine Poolside with seductive conversation

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Incredible, exotic, seductive, erotic. All words reflect this beautiful polio woman who has forever captured the hearts of Chairem Fans. Our quadriplegic lends her voice to simulate your senses as Yulisa provides her incredible provocative skills like no other.
Now remastered and supported with seductive conversation, revisit Yulisa from her bedroom to the pool where she transfers out of ehr wheelchair, crawls down the stairs to the pool to test the waters, then slithers in her own unique way back to the stair case where she pulls, lift and drags herself back up to the waiting wheelchair.

Then together you return to the apartment where she transfers to the bed to change before lowering herself to the floor to strap on her hardened steel leg braces and hot black leather bindings.

Approx 31 minutes
1.+ GB

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