stolen braces, useless polio legs

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My legs are silent but with braces they can sing when I move. But it is different when someone takes my braces away. If I am without braces, i am lost to move through the house , dragging my legs behind me like a broken doll.

So to show you what it is like if it was to ever happen to me, I have made this special movie for you. Watch as i dress and discover I have no braces. I must tie my feet together with a nylon and lower myself to the floor. I know you like to watch me and how I drag myself on the floor. It is okay for you to watch me, because I choose to do this to tempt and please you.

In the living room I find a wheelchair. There I lift my body up, my legs and feet flop uncontrolled and and i sit in the wheelchair. I could leave the room now in the wheelchair, but there is no fun in that. I again lower my body to the ground and this time I drag myself on my stomach pushing the wheelchair to the bedroom. In there I have magic for you.

Watch me close as I cross my legs then move them and throw them in the air, flopping and dangling uncontrolled, like throwing a rag doll to the wind. My legs are useless and I promise they will excite you!

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