polio leg stair challenge with Seductive Audio

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Pamela greets us today with the intention of showing you some incredible crutch walking and stair challenges. Pamela truly finds stairs difficult so its not often we can ask her to show us how she navigates a flight of stairs on crutches.

Start with a lovely walk on the sidewalk. Enjoy watching her coming to you, how her right leg swings and her foot dangles, only rarely do the tips of her toes graze the sidewalk as her leg swings uncontrolled. Walk behind her so you can watch her lift herself on her crutches to swing her legs then watch as her twisted spine collapse into her hips as her legs take the weight of her polio ravaged body.

Then its time to walk up the stairs, struggling to lift herself, swing her legs and plant her feet on each step to safely struggle up the stair case. Pamela collects a bag from the apartment to carry so you can understand how she fights to crutch walk and carry something at the same time.

Time is given to walk to a park bench where you sit briefly to allow Pamela to rest and comfort her feet momentarily. Then, its time to walk back to the stairs and back to the apartment. Once there she Pamela invites you to ask your special requests though the sultry voice of our quadriplegic narrator who brings new life and seductive words to our beautiful polio princess, Pamela.

Approx 24 minutes
way over 1 GB!

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