springs new beginnings

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My first new movie of the year and I am so pleased.

I hope you enjoy my motorbike that is specially set up with controls so I can drive it. It’s wonderful to be free to drive myself where i want to go.

Today you can follow me up the staircase ( a hard challenge for me to walk up), to the poolside to rest. It is too cool today for the pool but maybe in the future. Now walk with me to the apartment.

When we are there, I’ll remove my shoes and clean them quickly. then remove my braces, strap by strap, to release my legs from the steel. then i need to make my way to the bedroom for nylons to wear with my sundress.

I’ll put on my nylons and again lift my legs into the steel and leather that let me walk. I’ll stand for you and you can see how wonderful I feel, ready for springs new beginnings.

approx 20 minutes

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