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Karen is braceless in the living room. She chooses this time to lower herself to the floor and pull herself outsidein the sun where she collects soap, her razor and water and with care and loving attention shaves her pretty little polio effected legs.

Then its time to go back inside. Across the floor she pulls herself and lifts and drags her legs into place. Karen lifts herself onto a stool to perform a small task then again, its back to the floor to put on nylons, then the steel and leather that bind her legs.

Now its time to lock the braces and lift herself into an upright position and now for your delight, crutch her way outside into the sun for a long walk.

You’ll enjoy the flash of her steel braces in the sunshine as Karen lifts her legs with each crutched step over the sidewalk, up and down a ramp and as she navigates the rough passage of a cobblestone pathway.

approx 25 minutes
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