some positives in polio

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Beginning with her first movie, Pamela has always found ways to prove there can be positives in polio. The loss of her legs to the disease hasn’t meant the loss of her positive spirit and outlook on life. Today, Pamela take you for a walk in her apartment with her crutches that have been adjusted lower than normal to reduce the discomfort of the crutches pressuring her shoulders. Each step mean lifting her weight on the handles of the crutches, transferring her weight into her arms instead of the crutches carrying her weight under her arms. The result is a change in her gate and an increase in how floppy her legs appear as she walks. Stairs aren’t an issue although its more effort to swing each foot up the staircase as you’ll see. Pamela remains incredibly happy and thankful to be a part of Chairem as she struggles with the complications of her severe scoliosis which is becoming even more visible now with her crutches adjusted.

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