polio took my legs not determination

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Walk for me Karen. Swing your hips from side to side as you throw your legs so beautifully wrapped in steel while you struggle to walk with only one crutch.

Walk to the bedroom and sit on the bed.

Pull yourself onto the bed and slowly undo the leather straps that bind your legs. Change into a bring dress for me and let me enjoy the view of your legs laid nearly useless by Polio.

Now lower yourself to the floor and drag your braces with you as we go to the living room. Wrap your arms around your legs and pull them up against you as you drag your little body into our living room. Here I’ll ask you to bind your legs in the cold steel and smoky leather that let you walk so that I can have you follow me to the stairs where I’ll ask you to let me watch you struggle to lift each leg up the staircase and return to me. Sit in the stairwell and play with my imagination as you pick up and fondle your own legs for me.

approx 24 minutes
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