polio summer delight

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A delightful wonder through the apartment watching our Pamela lift and swing her legs quickly leads your into the bright sunshine for incredible walks in the sun lit park.

While Pamela is accustom to her struggles, you’ll enjoy watching her as she applies two methods of walking. Sometimes she swings one leg at a time while remaining stable on her crutches, other times she swings both her polio ravaged legs in a wonderful polio swing gate.

A stop on the park bench gives Pamela time to take off her shoes and socks before she again walks for you so you can watch closely how her feet slap the pavement with her steps.

With shoes back on she walks to the swings and attempts to use them before walking to the bench in the shade.

Now let Pamela lead you back to the apartment, up her stairs and back into the living room where you can spend some private time enjoying her as she manipulates her legs and feet in your own time of private pleasure.

approx 24 minutes
approx 519 MB

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