polio plaything

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I know you enjoy when I use my body to ignite your passions and I love to do this for you. I know how watching me lift my legs by hand or wobbling my feet can excite you. And to walk using my hands letting my legs drag behind me is a powerful thing for you to see. I know this and to bring you pleasure is wonderful for me too.

Let me do these thing and more for you today. Watch me walk up in bed and play with my legs and pass my toes over my lips in a way that excites me too. You are not the only one who can find passion in polio.

I will wrap my legs in steel and leather and watch me bend over holding the bed as I stand. I wish for the gentle hands of a man who would follow the contours of my back, my hips and sensitive thighs. Come with me and let me be your Polio Plaything.

approx. 18 minutes

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