polio legs have passion to dance

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Music takes me to a different place. I close my eyes and I see me dancing like a queen, there is no braces, no crutches, no polio, just me and music.

I walk into the apartment and sit on the sofa where I take off my heavy braces. My legs are now free from the cold steel and leather that binds them. I lower myself to the floor and pull my body to the radio and turn on music that inspires me.

We’re alone in my apartment, let me show you how I dance. Let me express myself using my body, lifting and moving my legs by hand in motion to the Latin beat. To me it is like floating on the bed of music. Then come with me when I lift myself onto the sofa again.

I’ll remove my stockings so my legs and feet are there for you to see. The music plays softly in the back and i continue to move with it as I lay on the sofa, touching and moving my legs, feeling my feet with my hands and warming my own passions.

Finally I lower myself to the floor to recover my braces and again stap myself into my leather and steel so that I can again walk with the aid of my crutches.

approx 18 minutes

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