crippled polio leg flop

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I’m awake and waiting for you in the bedroom. I stretch and throw back the covers to expose my legs. I lift them and twist them over the top of the sheets so you can admire them. Now its time to stand and swing my body on my crutches to the living room.

Walk with me to the bathroom shower wont you? Hold my crutches while I have a shower and watch the water roll down my twisted back and polio legs.

It’s very hot in my little bathroom, excuse me as I walk past you in the doorway. were you watching my crippled polio leg flopping as I passed you and as we walk up the hallway? I know you have a smile and are enjoying what you see, now come with me to the bedroom.

I’ll lower myself to the floor to dry off and quick, close your eyes while I change my clothes. Here we are, ready for more Polio Leg Flopping.

approx 21 minutes

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