pleasing my devotee boyfriend with Seductive Audio

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Karen knew all about Devotee’s when she came to Chairem, her boyfriend of 5 years is most likely her biggest fan. So, we asked her to share with us some of the thinks he likes to have her do for him and she was willing to do so.

Karen keeps to her wheelchair in this movie except to transfer multiple times, to the bed, sofa and floor in a fashion that she knows pleasures her friend and we know you’ll enjoy also.

You’re invited to watch her put on pants, hi-heels and struggle to get from a low sofa back into her wheelchair. We cant forget wonderful floor struggling to complement her movie.

The voice of our quadriplegic narrator invites you to interact and share your true feelings with Karen as she asks for your response to her incredible devotee enchanting pleasures.

Approx 25 minutes
537 MB

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