a polio walk around the park

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For a person who is so crippled by polio, its is so hard to walk on flat ground, but so much the harder to walk in grass and uneven land. Often our feet can stumble or we need to work hard to swing our hips to take the steps. For Pamela, she wishes you to see how she can do this even though she must work so hard with every step.

Watch as she steps from the cement into the grass and swings her legs together slowly up a hill. Watch as the toe of the foot on he short leg catches the ground and makes it difficult to walk. After a long challenging walk in the grass, she must return to rest before she can do more.

Pamela then takes you inside to the gym so she can show you how she uses a bike for the first time. She works so hard to move her legs and often must use her hands to move them. finally she lowers herself off the bike and walks to the floor mat where she drops to the floor to show you what movement she has in her legs and finishes with some stretching.
approx 17 minutes

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