pamela’s foot dangles and drags

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My right leg hangs. It is of no use to me, it is more of a decorations for you to enjoy watching. It can not hold my weight, move for itself or allow me to stand without crutches. Its alright because it gives me a special place in the heart of Chairem Fans, and that is wonderful to me.

When I walk without shoes, I have a problem. When I take steps, my right foot drags on the floor, my toes catch the ground and drag behind me. If I could just move my foot a bit, I could hold it off the ground, but it dangles, uselessly from my leg.

Let me take off my nylons for you so that you can watch me feet close as I walk, so you can see how the toes on my foot make constant contact with the floor as I make my steps. Here are my feet and legs for you to find pleasure in and enjoy.

approx 14 minutes

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