lost braces and wheelchair bound with Provocative Audio

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For the first time in her life, Karen has become dependant on a wheelchair. While she has struggled all her life using leg braces and crutches, now she is struggling with the reality of Post Polio Syndrome.

Presently Karen is unable to use her braces because of the intense pain in her hips and legs so she is confined to using a borrowed wheelchair. Her goal is to be able to purchase her own and all the revenue she earns will go towards buying a wheelchair that fits her. It’s becoming a reality that Karen is having a hard time adjusting to and your support will help her greatly.

Join Karen in the apartment where she transfers to the sofa to put on pants before going to the pool. A long wheeling to the pool gives you a close look at how twisted her back is from scoliosis. She transfers to a private lounge chair where she prepares for the pool.

Karen is feeling very uncomfortable in a wheelchair and is struggling to adjust to it and her words read by our quadriplegic narrator shares her emotions.

Finally its in the pool for a short swim and then she pulls herself across the pool deck back to the lounge for a few final moments with you.

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