leg brace freedom

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For Karen, walking in her leg braces is freedom alone. When she removes her braces and moves around the home without them it is a different freedom.

In Leg Brace Freedom, Karen walks through the apartment with her swing through gate, moving both legs with each step. She organizes some new clothes and walks back to the sofa where she removes her braces and shoes.

Then she must lower herself to the floor and drag her body to the closet to retrieve more things before pulling herself to the bedroom where she lifts her self up onto the bed. Once she is there she removes her nylons and touches her legs and pretty feet so softly laying cream on them to keep them smooth and attractive for you.

It’s now time to lower herself back onto the floor where she pulls herself over to the sofa and struggles to raise herself off the floor and onto the sofa where she treats you to more foot touching, and picking up her legs to move them by hand.

There is wonderful walking scenes, incredible close ups of her legs and feet and much moving of her pretty legs and feet with her hands.
approx 16 minutes


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