i love sharing my polio legs

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First Pamela take me to the stairs. Show me how you can walk backward up the stairs so that I may watch your feet hang and flop as you lift you body on your crutches up each stair.

Dazzle me with you your polio legs flop into place with each step you take and how your bare feet slap the floor as you throw your legs into place.

Leave your crutches behind and lower yourself to the floor. Leg me watch you pull yourself and how your legs drag behind you as we return to the staircase.

Let me watch you lift and move your body up the stairs and how your legs follow lifelessly. Return with me to the bedroom and lift your twisted back and silent legs onto the bed.

Please put on your leggings and shoes for me before I ask you to return to the stairs to show me again your skills of lifting yourself on your crutches backwards up the stairs. Show me again one final time how your feet and legs swing uncontrolled as you lift yourself up that wonderful staircase.

approx 23 minutes
approx 503 MB

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