exotic pool party pt 2

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I have kept you waiting for part 2. Watch me again swing my legs wrapped in steel and leather to the lounge chair.

Let me bend over for you to put my crutches down before I sit. I’ll undo the laces of my shoes, undo the straps that wrap my legs in my braces and remove my pants. I’ll pull my legs from the steel and remove my protective stockings to release my legs and feet to the publics eye.

Stay back and watch me lower myself to the ground and pull myself to the pool where I slide my legs into the water, then myself. A short time in the pool is all I need to be refreshed.

Now, I’ll lift myself out of the pool and from the cement, lift my body onto the lounge chair where I’ll again clad myself in the steel an leather that allow me to walk. Without them, I would never walk again but today I’ll again walk for you the best I can..

approx 16 minutes

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