exotic pool party 1

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I need to go to the pool to enjoy sunshine and water. Stay in my bedroom while I lift myself from my wheelchair to the bed. Watch me remove my pants, rolling my legs side to side and lifting them from the pant legs.

Watch me as I adjust my swimsuit to my unique contours. Then I will lower myself to the floor to strap my legs into the steel and leather that give me my freedom to walk. Watch me lift myself to standing position and walk with me as I walk to the living room.

I know your heart is racing to watch my slow walking but wait until we are outside, I have a surprise for you. Look through my silk pants as I walk, you will see my braces and tight swim suit shine inside the tight slim pants that hide my braces from the world.
Walk with me and enjoy the exotic view as we come to the pools edge. I have so much in store for you, more than I can possibly share in this one movie.

approx 16 minutes

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