enjoy my beautiful legs

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Open your eyes Yulisa and smile for me. Throw back the covers and delight me with how you manipulate your legs by hand. You know exactly what I enjoy seeing. Please lower yourself to the floor and let me watch you how you pull and move your body, from room to room reaching down and tucking your legs up beside you as you crawl to the living room.

Lift yourself up onto a chair before making your way across the floor. Never have I seen you look so seductive. Take me with you into the bedroom and let me watch you strap yourself into your braces. Lift yourself onto the bed and bind your beautiful lifeless legs into the steel and leather, so foreign but such a part of your body.

Please walk for me. Let me hear your steel legs and feet wrapped in boots as they slide from step to step. How your braces accent the contours of your hips. Walk to the sofa for me and sit down.

Take your shoes of the braces and off your feet and polish your toenails for me before once more binding your feet in the leather that secures your legs so tightly into your braces.

approx 19 minutes
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