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Donna wakes and pulls back the sheets. She has an eventful day planned ahead for you.

Donna pulls some white leg wrappings over her wonderfully paralyzed legs. Then a pair of bright white stockings slide over those wonderful polio feet before she binds her legs and feet in the cold leather and steel that allow her to walk.

Then its off to the living room where she plans on repainting her toenails for you. Once there, the braces come off and she applies a fresh coat of pink to those wonderful toes.

Then its time to harness her legs back into the braces just to walk back to the bedroom so she can change.

After slipping out of her braces and into her nylons, Donna lowers herself to the floor and with a soft cloth, details her braces to a bright shine and leather to polished perfection so they glimmer.

Finally, its back on the bed to strap on her braces again, all with the intent of pleasing you. 25 minutes
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