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Out of all the movies that Delicia has made, this movie is a major breakthrough in many ways, and it opens up a whole new vision of a more mature Delicia that her many fans and customers have never seen before.

Accompany her to the lake, walk with her in beautiful surroundings, listen to the click of her braces and crutches as she walks and sits, and savor her closeness as never before. New clothes, new shoes and a new location all blend together to give you an interesting and enjoyable time with this special lady. In this movie she will share her secret which allows her to wear the shoes of her dreams in spite of having to wear her braces, which because they have become so much an integral part of her life , she regards as her leg jewelry.

She is more beautiful, more sexy and more alluring than she has ever been, and for anyone who is looking for the ultimate in what this unique and beautiful woman can offer, this movie is a must for your collection.

Approx 31 min
699 MB

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