my final single brace movie

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I thought this movie was lost forever. Crystal and I enjoyed our day in the sun by the pool on the last day I walked with only one leg brace ( something I can never do again).

My left brace was being adjusted for me this day when Crystal and I left the apartment to go outside where we could have quiet girl time together, just her and I alone.

Crystal used the special cart we made for her to wheel outside and up the stairs to the pool. I walked with my crutches and brace. I think you can see that is was getting so hard for me to walk with only one brace. My left leg was continuing to get weak from PPS.

Together we play at the pool, we compare our feet and I give something special to Crystal. Together we put my leg brace on her to allow her to stand for the first time in her life. How good it made her feel.

This is a special movie for me because it reminds me of a time when I could walk with only one brace and helps me see how my left leg has changed since that time. This was filmed over a year ago and has been lost since then. I found it hidden in a box of private things that came with me when I made a move to Canada.

Enjoy this very special movie, the last single brace movie I can ever make.
approx. 40 minutes.

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