leg brace erotica 2

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It is March 31 and this year I chose to use the full leather and the leg braces with a short skirt and white stockings then I stepped outside for a walk.

I found a nice place with a long slow ramp that makes it easy for me to walk up and down. I show you in detail every step, with all the sensuality and my latin style when I walk swinging both legs in the cold air.

Then I drive close the train station and there together we take a walk in the snow. I’m getting cold and its time to go home.

After that I invite you to come inside my home where I change my shoes for high heels and take you to some place special.

I invite you to join me as a take a sensual hot bath and message my legs and feet as if you were here with me, giving some warmth to my body.

Then I bundle in a warm blanket and I walk barefoot without my braces to get my pajamas.

You will be part of this video and you will feel closer to me than ever! With some tender words, and erotic scenes you have asked of me to make in this video are just the things you ask me to please you, and that I enjoy making.

approx. 40 minutes


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