intimate confessions

buy-now-goldDelicia’s English has improved incredibly and she wanted to share her story with you. This last year has brought incredible changes for this beautiful Latin Lady, in her health, well-being and her perspective on devotees and herself.

Delicia gives you an intimate look at her weak leg, the operations, her lack of movement and shows and talks about post polio syndrome that is threatening the remaining strength in her legs.

In total, she changes leg braces 4 times, there’s plenty of walking and leg handling and what’s incredible is to hear who a woman has gone from feeling unloved to feeling all the attractive and sexual being she really is and how she feels much of the change comes from being a model.

For anyone who ever thought devotees are all bad… they need to hear this themselves. Here’s a lady who has the respect for devotees that we have for her.

1 hour long.

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