dedicated to my legs and feet

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Donna Lets you get up close and personal with an intimate look at her legs and feet and how polio has effected them.

From laying on the bed, raising each leg in the air trying to slowly lower them to the bed but having them fall uncontrolled to walking with only one of her two braces, her latest video is full of beautiful views of her beautiful legs and feet.

You’ll enjoy her transfer to the floor and drag to the shower where she lifts herself into the shower stall to wash her legs and feet.

She pulls herself and returns to the bedroom to cream her legs, roll on nylons and strap on her steel and leather braces and she walks for you.

Sometimes her foot rolls over on top of itself when she walks and she’ll show you that as well. In public she must wear both braces but today, just for your pleasure, she allows you to see her walk with only one.

approx. 24 min


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