a walk in the park with Provocative Audio

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So do you enjoy watching a polio woman take long walks? How they use their stomach muscles and hips to swing their legs into place in order to lift their shoulders and drop their legs into place repeatedly to stroll? Over and over again, Donna repeats this measure to move each of her polio riddled legs into place as she takes you for a walk in the park.

Leave the apartment and follow her from behind, watching those steel wrapped legs swing into place. Hear the snap of the crutches hitting the pavement and the clunk of her boots and each step progresses towards the park bench.

Finally resting, Donna unleashes her legs from their bindings and she fondles them right in front of you, manipulating her legs and feet before wrapping them, bound in leather, steel and plastic and entertains you with those soft polio legs.

A final walk back to the apartment and a parting wish for you to come close to her and take your hands and free her from her steel and leather shackles.
Approx 24 minutes
approx 569 Mb

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