wheelchairs and stairs dont mix

buy-now-goldIt’s a brand new world for Tamara. She’s lived her life watching on 2 steal crutches, swinging her legs as she walked. Now she has new obstacles.

Before now, she could use her crutches to walk up stairs, flopping her legs with each step. Now, she must leave her wheelchair at the bottom of the stair and crawl and pull her way up them, picking up each leg as she goes.

Watch her experience stairs again after leaving the apartment.

Watch how little use her legs are as she transfers from the wheelchair to the staircase.

Slowly, stair by stair Tamara lifts her body and pulls her hips into place as she climbs the stairs to the pool outside.

Once outside, she is without her wheelchair that was abandoned. Now she can do nothing but drag herself where she wants to go. Sitting alone, Tamara applies lotion to her legs and feet then manipulates her legs and shows you the little use she has in them.

Finally its time to pull herself back to the stairs and down them, inching closer to the waiting wheelchair. Nearly exhausted, Tamara lifts herself into the wheelchair and wheels back to the apartment and inside to the waiting sofa.

Approx. 24 minutes
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