the passion of brenda

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Latin and Passionate.

Brenda wants to please you in this passionate 30 minute video.

Watch her undo her Chairem uniform slowly, then smile at you as she manipulates her legs knowing you are there with her watching every move.

She doesn’t want to hurry as she removes her nylons and shoes because she has something very special planned for you and wants you to wait for it.

Brenda lowers herself to the floor and crawls on her hands and knees letting her feet drag behind slowly to the sofa where she lifts herself up to play with her legs like toys for you. She’s not done with you.

Brenda lowers herself to the floor and pulls herself though the apartment, her legs and feet dragging on the tile back to the bedroom, ever smiling at you because she knows you are pleased.

She moves so slowly so you can hear her legs as they drag against the floor. She lets you discover her feet and legs as you come in so very close.

Brenda is nearly completed her fun with you but now must pull herself up onto the bed with all energy she has remaining. Brenda knows you are pleased and you’ve made her happy just being with her today.

30 minutes

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