tamara’s introduction

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Tamara is pleased to be here with us. For her it is a new way to see herself and to feel good about her body and her polio legs.

Tamara will show you what a challenge it is for her to walk the stairs and again to go down them. Then she will walk for you to the apartment always swinging both legs at one time to take her steps.

In the apartment, she will change so you can see her legs and the operations done on them. Now it is time to walk in bare feet. You will see often her toe will catch on the ground with her step because she can not lift her foot so high. You can see how her leg bends backward because no strength in the knee from so many years walking with crutches and no braces.

She is unable to walk without crutches but for you, she will drag her body to the kitchen for a drink of water and from their, she will hold the furniture and walk back to the bedroom. It is so hard to do for her but you will enjoy seeing how it is done.

Welcome Tamara to your new world as a Chairem Woman.

approx 17 minutes

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