hot polio sauna

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You enjoy how I walk? You like to see me swing my legs with each step and how my polio knees bend backwards? Dont be afraid to say yes, I understand and I am not offended.

Today i want you to come with me into the garden. First we will enjoy time in the sun and I’ll show you how I struggle to sit on the grass and more, how it is so difficult to stand again. My legs bend backwards and are uncontrolled, just she way you love them.

Then come with me inside while I change. I want to be in my bathing suit for you so you can see more of me, how my thighs are weak, my back is curved and how polio effects by bottom. I wish I had the body of a model, but when i think about it, I do because I am proud to be a Chairem Woman.

Over 20 minutes

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