flip flop polio legs

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It’s okay for you to stay close by me and watch me as I walk. Let me walk inside the apartment and outside to look over the city. Then come with me as I walk to the gym where I have special plans for you.

Would you like to watch me struggle to walk up the stairs for you? There is no need to ask, I will share this with you.

In the gym I will lower myself to the floor and show you how weak my legs are and how they do not support themselves. I will try to hold them in teh air and you will watch them fall because they can not support themselves.

Please hold the chair for me as I crawl to it and sit up before I can stand again. That is when I will walk to the wall and leave one crutch behind and you will see how difficult it is for me to walk with only one crutch. It is very hard but I will do this for you to bring you a wonderful smile.

approx 16 minutes

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