new leg braces and fancy leg play

buy-now-goldI have been using my old braces for the last 10 years, and just going to fix things time to time when the fail me. But at last, I have new braces. They are more comfortable, unlike my old braces, these now follow the normal curves of my legs.

They look prettier to me and so I want to show you them more. In my new video, I am using the staircase to the apartment. Then I enter the apartment, changing my clothes, using some nice cream in my legs, moving and walking around, and trying with 2 of my new dresses. I used to be in pants, big pants, but now, I feel good to wear a dress and I think look much better in dress.

I feel I’m different, more happy, more woman, and yes, my face is to young, but it is my genetic, hahaha. Thank you for all the good things you bring into my life.

27.5 Minutes aprox.

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